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Chimney Repairs

The need for chimney repairs could arise due to a number of many reasons. These reasons are usually a result of excessive water vapour which leads to corrosion inside the flue and could lead to blocked flues, or a result of a poor draft. Today, chimneys are usually neglected, leaving them as one of the most mis-diagnosed systems. Common repairs are done inside the firebox and on the roof. This is because of the harsh heat of direct flames which deteriorates the mortar and brick within the firebox. Eventually, certain repairs require just a little service, while some require extensive repairs, with water damage top of the list.
Talbot Chimneys - Rebuilding a chimney
Talbot Chimneys - Rebuilding a chimney

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Chimney Rebuilds

This is otherwise referred to as chimney brick repairs, or chimney reconstruction.

Chimney rebuilding becomes necessary where the actual chimney stack has become cracked or unstable, usually above roof level, and often due to chimney fire, storm damage or overly heavy aerials attached to the stack.

Certain amount of consistent, unattended chimney leaks could eventually leave your chimney structurally vulnerable, in need of rebuild.

Chimney rebuilds could be partial or total depending on the level of damage to the chimney.

Talbot Chimneys - chimney rebuilds
Talbot Chimneys - chimney rebuilds

Waterproofing can save on future repairs!

An ideal preventive measure for more modern chimneys would be waterproofing of your chimney against damage.  For older chimneys lacking this protection, a rebuild could incorporate waterproofing to save you the extra cost of future regular repairs. 

Chimney Relining

Over time, most types of chimney flue or liner begin to deteriorate.

Due to the important role played by the liner in channelling heat and gas through the chimney top and in protecting combustible materials around the chimney from heat, damage to the liner could be hazardous to the house.

Chimney relining may be required in the aftermath of a chimney fire, (relining may be covered by your house insurance).

New lining may be required in older buildings that were built of stone or brick and have had no lining installed originally. This is common in buildings erected before the 1960s.

Talbot Chimneys - Relining chimneys
Talbot Chimneys - Relining chimneys nationwide

General Repairs & Fitting Service

We provide a general repair and maintenance service that includes replacement of fire backs, top pots and chimney flashings. We are available to fit stoves, open fires, cowls and crow guards.

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