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Nationwide Chimney Repair Service

Talbot Chimneys is a family-owned and run business established in 1978 by Vincent Talbot Snr. With thousands of chimney problems solved to date, all across Ireland, we are the preferred service supplier to many local authorities, construction companies and home owners.
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We have an excellent working relationship with many of Ireland’s leading insurance companies and loss adjusters.

Talbot chimney repairs
Talbot Chimneys - Chimney Repairs in Kildare

Chimney Repairs

General Repairs & Fitting Service
Chimney Rebuilds
Chimney Relining
Installation of New Chimney Lining

Dust-free Chimney Cleaning

We provide a fast, efficient, debris and dust-free chimney cleaning service nationwide.

Chimneys must be swept annually to remove soot and creosote that can cause chimney fires.

Talbot Chimneys Repairs
Talbot Chimneys - Dust Free Chimney Cleaning Service
Talbots Chimney Repairs
Talbot Chimneys - Chimney Inspection in Kildare

Have you a chimney problem?

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We can discuss your needs over the phone and if required can arrange a time that suits to visit your home or premises to conduct a visual survey and estimate.

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the FAQ”s below, they cover most of the questions we usually encounter from our customers. If you have any additional questions, please call us on 045 850 957.

Just click on any of the questions below to view the answers.

We’re based in Kildare, but we would cover the Leinster area for cleans and we would do major works nationwide.

Yes, we can provide this, we would need to do a CCTv inspection as well as your clean to provide this.

This can vary greatly on the type of material you use / how often you use your chimney and what appliance / flue type you have installed. Generally, we recommend that you have your chimney cleaned 1-2 times a year. If you use your chimney frequently throughout the year you should get it done twice a year (every 6 months). If you only use your chimney around Christmas time/Winter or for special occasions, the once a year should be fine.

A CCTv inspection is where our technician puts a camera into your chimney and records any damage. He then brings this footage back to the office to be assessed. Once we do this we then draw up a report and estimate if needs be.

You’ll have your report & estimate within 3-5 working days.

Our technicians are fully equipped and experienced when it comes to cleaning, inspecting and carrying out major works on your chimney. We have been in this business for over 40 years and do this every day of the week, our technicians are extensively trained, they take great care, attention and pride in whatever work they may be carrying out. Feel free to read any number of our reviews on Google or Facebook.

No, you may leave a small fire lighting the night before, but don’t leave it lighting to late, as it needs time to cool down, so our technicians are able to do a clean/ an inspection.

If our technician does not find damage in your chimney, then yes you may light your fire.

Sometimes during an inspection, our technician may come across some damage where he may render your chimney too dangerous to use, in which case he may put a sticker on your chimney along with his reasoning to why the chimney is unsafe to use. In the interest of health & safety we are obliged to make you aware of any hazards during our visit.

Sometimes you can hear a load roar from the chimney. This can last just a few minutes or may take longer. In a lot of cases the chimney fire puts itself, therefore a call to the fire brigade is not necessary. However we have seen flues that have had a chimney fire & the owner was not aware of it.

There are several other signs that you may have had a chimney fire, some of which we have listed here; smell of smoke/soot in an adjoining room, cracks on chimney breast walls / stack, brown staining on chimney breast walls / stack, walls hot to touch, broken top pot, smoke stain on walls / stack, any change in the normal function of your chimney may indicate that you have had a chimney fire.

A dirty chimney can cause a chimney fire. Whether there is a build-up of creosote or perhaps a bird’s nest. Its important if you have a chimney that you use in your property to have it cleaned regularly.

Keeping your chimney clean, have your chimney cleaned regularly.

If you have not had a chimney inspection completed in your property, please call our office on 045 850 957 to arrange today, to ensure your chimney is safe to use.

This is no problem for us, we are in this business for over 40 years. Vincent Snr first followed by his son Vincent Jnr. We do these major works every day of the week.

Call us on 045 850 957 to discuss your options.

There is not a lot that we need you to do. Perhaps you might move any picture frames / ornaments from the room in which we will do the works, the reline crew can help with any furniture or large items that needs to be moved on the day. Our crew will also be covering any carpet, furniture etc down with sheets to prevent your home getting dirty. If you have a shared chimney stack with your neighbour, you might pop into them to let them know that you are having chimney works carried out. You might suggest that they remove any picture frames / ornaments they may have on their side of the chimney breast, just in case they fall & break during the vibrations.

Give our office a call on 045 850 957 to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your chimney repair needs.

Yes, chimney repairs are major repair works, and things do get a bit messy which is a given.

However, please feel assured that we will do our best to leave your home exactly how it was found after the chimney repairs, we are a family run business & doing these works for over 40 years.

Please take a few minutes to read some of our reviews here on our website or Google or Facebook from our past customers.

This can vary, depending on your house. Please contact our office on 045 850 957 to discuss.

If you are over the age of 65, you may be able to apply to get a grant in your local county council office for chimney repairs. This process can take some time, but we can help you with this process. If you are looking to pay for this yourself, then please give our office a call to discuss your options on 045 850 957.

We would recommend that we carry out a CCTv inspection first, as insurance companies normally require a report & footage of the damage in your chimney from chimney specialists. This should speed the process up for you if you are going through insurance for your chimney repairs. We can then discuss your options with you. At this stage you will be able to call and tell them what happened. Tell them the problem you noticed with your chimney and that you got chimney specialists out to have a look at it. Now you will be able to let the insurance know that we have a report showing our findings in our professional opinion. If you had a chimney fire or a fire brigade was out, let them know also, usually if we know this we will mention it in our report.

We can handle your insurance claim on your behalf.

If we have already been to your property, then this is usually straight forward.

Normally once you make the call to the insurance telling them about our findings of  fire / storm damage in your chimney, they will then appoint an assessor to call out and do a visual inspection. If you are in a position to inform the insurance company that you have already engaged with a chimney specialist like ourselves then we can send on all the relevant documents along with the CCTv footage directly onto them!

The insurance Company will then assess the report, footage & estimate, sometimes they will send out an assessor to have a look at your chimney. But once they are happy with everything, they will give you a call to organise to have the works completed.

In general, the length of this total process is hard to say, some insurance companies can be as quick as a week to come back to you with a decision and some might take a few weeks.

If you decide to use our own private assessor, he will negotiate completely with your insurance. This should speed up the process.

Yes we do, we often work close with assessors regarding reline & rebuild work, and so know what necessary documentation they require. We also have our own private assessor who can talk on your behalf to the insurance company completely, for no extra fee.

It is well known that COVID-19 has taken the world by surprise.

As employers we have a moral and legal responsibility to our customers & staff to ensure the working environment is a safe place to return to and continue to work from while contamination and exposure to COVID-19 remains an ongoing risk.

We have implemented a number of procedures which has helped up prepare for the return to the workplace and the continued safety of all while at work. We have protocols in place which are strictly adhered to while at work. We have checklists to follow & assessments to complete.

All our staff have completed self assessments, declarations & COVID-19 inductions online.  

We as a business have a Continuity Planning Checklist that we will use as needed.

If anyone has any queries on this information or require any additional documents, please give us a call at our office on 045 850 957.

We have happy customers all over Ireland …

Elaine O'Brien - Naas, Co.Kildare
"I received immediate, helpful, and friendly support from Talbot Chimney's when looking for a replacement fire-back. Within 3 days it was fitted and replaced. Fireplace like new! Very efficient service. Would highly recommend!"
Seamus, Dublin
"Talbot Chimneys: Great communication, very reasonable prices, prompt, flexible with my needs. Completely positive experience."
Caroline, Kildare
“We contracted Talbot Chimneys to clean our chimney on the run up to Christmas. Vincent responded immediately and arrived the next day. We found them to be thoroughly professional and courteous. I would recommend them to anyone.”
Frank, Leitrim
"I found Talbot Chimneys on Facebook, Vincent gave me an estimate on the fixing of my chimney. Could not clean the chimney due to damage of the chimney. Did not charge for the trip."
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